About Express Securities

Our Identity

Express Securities Limited is a leading risk and security company. We seek to provide our clients with world-class comprehensive risk and security solutions for the smooth facilitation of their businesses, operations and projects. Express is an Approved Contractor for the provision of Risk and Security Services in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Express Securities Limited was formed by individuals with vast experience in the security industry after extensive research and evaluation of the securities services in the United Kingdom. Clients can, therefore, be assured the recruitment; vetting, training, control room procedures and all other aspects of service delivery are of the highest standards.

At Express, we deeply value our esteemed clients. Our clients include conglomerates and corporations, diplomatic missions, multinational companies, retail outlets, institutions, governments ( approved contractor to Kent and City of Westminster councils, work with Enfield council in the United Kingdom. We have a good working relationship with the British metropolitan police. Also Nigerian government agencies) and international development projects amongst others.


Our Context

Many security companies no longer provide personal and effective services that small and medium size organisations need due to bureaucratic bottlenecks. This situation has created a vacuum that needs to be filled by a company like Express through excellent management skills and an immediate response to customer needs.

Express is committed to providing unparalleled standards and quality of service to all our customers in providing our services we involve clients through a consultative process by knowing what their requirements are before designing and implementing tailor made solutions to meet their needs.

Express believes that health and safety are synonymous. We acknowledge that all members of our organisation are of great importance and that the presence of physical and human resources is an important means of meeting our business objectives.

It is a fundamental principle of our business policy that we should aim to deliver on customer goals of safety, professionalism, skilled and effective personnel, immediate response, cutting costs, avoiding losses and maximising benefits. Express listens to the needs of customers and turns them into reality, whether manned, technical or electronic in order to produce effective solutions.